Mission and Vision


SOVA ltd. is a company established in 1989, focusing on accounting and tax consultancy services. Being in the business for 32 years, we are very aware how important the knowledge and information technology are if you want to keep ahead. Accountants are important company co-creators, who need to enrich the accounting information in real time and offer the clients data and analysis, which are essential in everyday business processes, as they present key information for making strategic decisions.

We are a member of Chamber of Industry and Commerce / Accounting services, and the signatory of STANDARD FOR PROVIDERS OF ACCOUNTING SERVICES, because we fulfil all the necessary criteria and continuously ensure the highest quality level of our service.

Accounting and Tax Consultancy

Professionally handled accounting data and quality formatted accounting information are essential actors for internal and external users as well as for the tax treatment.
In this turbulent times, a quick and quality accounting information is very important for the owners and the management, regardless if you are a small or large company. It is only with the quality accounting information that the right strategic decisions can be made – and we all know how important these are for a good management and development.

Possibly even more important is the real presentation of the financial statement and the disclosure for the purpose of external reporting. It is crucial that the external users, such as business partners, potential investitors and financial / state institutions, see the real picture; every single doubt about the »untrustworthiness« needs to be removed.
Financial Institutions can only ensure the efficient and long-term support for the company’s cash flow on the basis of credible accounting data.
Credible accounting information is a guarantee for the correct tax analysis, tax optimisation and consulting. This also enables the transparent view for the fiscal control institutions.



Content employees

The most important part when assuring quality services are no doubt human resources. That is the exact reason why here at Sova ltd., we encourage professionalism, communication and personal development of our employees. We are continuously investing in professional development of the employees in the filed of accounting, taxes and information technologies. With all this, the most important thing is their fulfilment and pride, which is evident in our strong team spirit.





VPI – Mobile view into your accounts

VPI is an Internet application that enables 24-hour data overview. You can monitor income, outgoings, outstanding amounts etc. for selected period or for a specific day. You can monitor business success according to dimensions, cost centres or projects. With the use of modern technologies you can use important accounting data at any moment regardless of your location.


DESITO – professional accounting program

The accounting programme is our main tool. We are using the professional Desito programme (www.desito.si), developed and continuously updated by Nicci software development house. The latest technology combined with our longstanding accounting experience create a flexible and professional programme, which guarantees our competitive advantage.


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